Increasingly, our economy is based on advancing energy technology, protecting the environment and creating the infrastructure to keep us all moving forward. We’ve all seen how quickly these industries can become the focus of media attention, whether it’s because of a political initiative,  a lack of community relations efforts, or a public safety crisis. Communicating policies, practices and ESG are all necessary for reputation management and progress.


Customer expectations continue to grow when it comes to involvement with and control over energy production, transmission and distribution, changing technologies,  the customer experience, and providing greater choice. Companies must find new ways to communicate with the public, regulators and employees as their roles and services change.


There’s no denying the fact that people are more aware of and interested in environmental issues and how businesses are changing practices in light of sustainability. Not only is it important as a component of corporate social responsibility (CSR), but also for employee retention and consumer preference.


Like most industries, our nation’s infrastructure is being impacted by new technology at speeds most people can’t comprehend. From fiber to electronic tolling and parking sensors to shared rides, it’s hard to keep up.


Services for these industries are wide ranging, but a similar component is building understanding, trust and buy-in from the public as well as an increased focus on the consumer experience.  Our services have included: media relations, communication material development, branding, public input management, digital communications, advertising, public affairs, crisis planning and response, issue management, public education, employee training, opinion research, publications and reports, and more.