There is much more to successful event planning than most people realize.

Whether a corporate meeting or a fundraising dinner there can be an overwhelming amount of details to coordinate. Our team of experienced event coordinators offer support every step of the way.


Ensuring the success of an event takes constant attention to detail. At Wiser Strategies, we have the experience, connections, and knowledge to help your event run smoothly.

Our event planning services include:

  • Corporate Event Planning
  • Conference Promotion
  • Product Launches
  • Event Communications
  • Multi-media Presentations
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What is an event planner’s job?

An event planner’s job includes advising the client and overseeing every detail from the spark of an idea to the writing of thank you notes. The main duty of an event coordinator is to make sure that the event runs successfully and the client’s expectations are met. This consists of planning meetings with your client to discuss the details, reserving venues, managing costs, and more. As an event planner, you must have a set of skills that include organization, creative thinking, time management, leadership, etc.

What is the first step in event planning?

When it comes to event planning, the first step is to have an objective and goal for the event. To help figure this out, you can ask yourself questions like “Why is this event being held?” or “What do we hope to accomplish if this event is held?” If you have these questions answered you’re ready to move on to choosing every detail.

How do marketing and event planning connect?

Marketing and event planning are very closely related, and these two terms can easily be combined and known as event marketing. In order to plan an event, you will also need to market your event. Most events that are planned are being held to promote a brand, product, or service. ​​Event marketing is a way to spread brand awareness to your intended audience and create new opportunities for the company. It also is sometimes referred to as experiential marketing

Why is it helpful to hire an event planner?

It is helpful to hire an event planner to create really special moments and ensure that details are not forgotten. Event planners are trained, organized professionals that take care of each step during the event planning process. Event planners will save you time and help manage the stress that can come with an event. Event planners handle everything from the budget to the time and location of the event. Their job is to make your vision a reality.

What are the risks of event planning?

There are many risks when it comes to planning an event. However, they can be easily prevented before they happen. Common risks during event planning include overspending, not having a secondary plan, forgetting major details, and not marketing for the event. In order to reduce the risk of crises happening, event planners must be organized, ready to improvise, and have a set schedule.