It takes twenty years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.
–Warren Buffet

A successful business requires a good reputation. When a crisis, scandal, or emergency strikes your organization, news travels fast. How you handle these situations determines the future of your brand.

Because social media has to power to spread a message instantaneously, your issue can be broadcast within the hour it occurs and can engage anyone. This means quick and authentic responses are more crucial now than ever before. If addressed in an efficient, proactive and genuine way, these the damage can be mitigated and recovery implemented more promptly.


At Wiser Strategies, our team has experience handling crises. Working with business and corporate leadership in areas such as non-profits, transportation, healthcare and litigation, we can help you prepare for and respond to situations and offer you the support you need to maintain your brand’s reputation.

There are techniques that can salvage your brand’s name through cohesive, well-timed and transparent communication.

Good crisis communication requires:

  • A crisis response plan
  • Cohesive messaging
  • Transparent communication
  • Proactive updates

If you don’t write your story, it will be written for you and that often leads to exaggerated details and misinformation that will stick with your brand. We know the importance of your brand’s story, so we know how to work on spreading and modifying messaging to communicate your organization’s strength and values in any situation.

Crisis communications rebuild the trust and public opinion that may have been lost in circumstance. We have the background and ability to identify and communicate effectively with key stakeholders and opinion leaders in your audience to lead conversation and maintain your credibility.

Being prepared for anything gives your organization the upper hand in any crisis situation. We know it’s important to distribute the facts and gain control of the information being spread.

We also specialize in crisis planning and risk management. Why wait for disaster to strike? Creating a plan to handle potential threats will set your business up for success in any crisis or moment of distress. Wiser Strategies specializes in crisis planning and preparation.

Our approach includes extensive research of the industry, defining threats and weaknesses, and establishing a shared understanding of the changing business climate that could affect your organization. This background knowledge and research lays the groundwork for a tactical plan to prepare your brand for anything.

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