Wiser Strategies advises clients on business opportunities and risks and employs communication strategies that connect with their publics in ways that resonate.

 We inform, engage and motivate clients’ key audiences through public relations, marketing, research and advocacy. 

Wiser Insights

My Experience Working at Wiser Strategies

Written by: Fenia Antimisiaris   I started my first job as a Creative Services Intern in September of 2022. Rushing straight from my college classes a […]

Funds and Critical Need Spur Brent Spence Bridge Corridor Project Collaboration

The video is riveting: bent metal and a large gap between what is left of the bridge and the portion that broke off. Cars dangerously close […]

Public Projects Need Innovative Communications

Early in the years of incorporating more public input and social justice practices into the infrastructure development process, Wiser Strategies had the opportunity to be a […]

Our Why

Wiser Strategies helps organizations and the people who run them achieve greater success through better communication. With decades of experience, we understand consumers, politics and the media.

That’s why we are uniquely positioned to partner with you to craft and execute custom strategies that raise awareness enhance relationships and motivate key audiences.