In the time of media that is earned, shared, and extreme; how do you make sure your voice is heard?

They say practice makes perfect. Check out a practice round of the balanced mic seminar by the Wiser Strategies team below.

Are you a Media Phobe, Media Addict or Balanced Mic? See ourBalanced Mic Scaleand score yourself!


the balanced mic©  is a tried, true, and constantly updated program which enables individuals in leadership positions to find the right balance to effectively communicate their organization’s key messages. Balanced Mics, which is what we call those in the Balance Zone, understand the risks and benefits of preparing for interactions with the media and are willing to enhance their skills.

This seminar will significantly benefit company leaders who address the media, but that’s not all its good for. the balanced mic© is a leadership development opportunity for companies and employees at all levels. Employees who support the spokesperson, whether it be through administrative assistance, writing, or executives who provide the information, will greatly benefit from the balanced mic program.

Through the balanced mic©, the Wiser Strategies team helps companies as a whole become more effective in presenting clear, concise, and significant messages.


Wiser Strategies’ associates have decades of experience, having provided media relations consulting services for numerous companies and institutions across the world. The following are examples of organizations our communication coaches have served: international energy corporations, national agencies and non-profits, national healthcare providers, United States Military, regional non-profits, international automobile product companies, United States Department of Defense, White House Communications Team, and local and state governments.

the balanced mic© is customizable and can be truly adapted for each client. The seminars can be 4 hours, 8 hours, or multiple days long. Our associates develop customized programs to meet each client’s needs based on our tried-and-true seminars and methods.


the balanced mic© program prepares individuals in an organization for media interviews and for speaking when in a position of leadership. As we said before – practice makes perfect.

In this program, employees will spend time discussing and dissecting any and all issues the company is faced with and proper media practices, such as how to respond to questions, and even how to stand when speaking to the media.

Then, team be interviewed by Wiser Strategies associates, media style. This type of preparation has many benefits. It enhances the understanding of the organization, identifies potential issues, helps shape responses, provides practice, facilitates feedback, and builds team relationships and communication.

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