We were selected as the creative agency tasked with producing a public awareness campaign that could be used across these multiple environmental initiatives.

To start the research, the LFUCG team conducted survey research that we used to inform our campaign messaging. Key takeaways from the surveys were that 85+ percent believe improving environment is high priority for them, 89 percent say making Lexington a better place is high priority.

However, only two thirds said most people pick up after pets and knowledge about stormwater treatment is low with 16 percent certain, 22 percent no or uncertain and 33 percent not sure at all. Knowledge about watershed was also low with 78 percent responding no or uncertain to the question about if they live in one. Fertilizer understanding was low with 38 percent reporting they over fertilize and a low knowledge base on phosphorous.


Based on strategy sessions with the LFUCG team, we created an animated character to act as a mascot across all of the campaigns. We wrote a backstory for the character,a blade of grass who is an environmental expert filled with facts acting as a spokesgrass for his grassmates in the yard.

The initial messages focused on introducing “Blade’s” character and personality as he interacted with his “neighbor,” a homeowner.


After writing scripts for each spot carrying the messages of proper lawn fertilization and leaving grass clippings in the yard, we created visual storyboards to line up the visuals with the dialogue. We then combined live action footage on a staged set with animation to bring Blade to life. Through details like Blade’s engaging facial features and his friendly voice, we worked with the LFUCG to educate the public on lawn care through an entertaining story.

The digital ads were created using the consistent look from the video advertisements and a looping GIF was produced to use on social media and other digital ads.