We apply best practices from public relations, marketing, advertising, public affairs, advocacy and many other types of communication to help companies connect with their publics in ways that resonate. Wiser Strategies crafts custom communication strategies that inform, engage and motivate clients’ key audiences. 

Wiser Insights

Branding: Community Ventures and Related Organizations

After 32 years in operation, Community Ventures' branding was not consistent with its mission and people didn’t understand the various services it provides. Previous attempts at […]

Hold the Presses: “My Employer” is the Most Trusted Institution

Public discord creates new opportunities for corporate leaders to build trust:  President Harry S. Truman’s credo, “The buck stops here” could not have been an easy […]

Crises go Digital. Are You Prepared?

“Crises just happen to other people.” and “We will deal with it, when it happens.” It is shocking the amount of times these phrases are uttered […]

Our Why

Wiser Strategies helps organizations and the people who run them achieve greater success through better communication. With decades of experience, we understand consumers, politics and the media..

That’s why we are uniquely positioned to partner with you to craft and execute custom strategies that raise awareness enhance relationships and motivate key audiences.