Professional sound services elevate all types of production to a higher level.

Wiser Strategies creates auditory elements to meet client specifications using the latest production techniques and tools.

Quality audio production is often overlooked, not heavily focused on, or even forgotten entirely. Since the world is comprised of Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic learners, it is important to use all components, including advanced sound design.

If it’s a podcast you need to have professionally produced, a voice-over for a video, or even a song/album in your future, we will meet your auditory expectations.

We make sure your intended sound clip executes well on all devices by testing on a wide variety of outputs like headphones, earbuds, regular computer monitors, phone speaker and surround sound.


Our sound design strategists will work with you to create a comprehensive plan that gives you a unique and recognizable sound.

Some of our sound design services include:

  • Audio Editing
  • Podcasts
  • Music Production
  • Voice-Over
  • Sound Effects
  • Automated Dialog Replacement
  • Background Audio: Foley and Walla
  • Overall Event Sound Capture
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