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To update the messaging while using existing creatives for the first part of the year, then create an overarching theme and creative approach once planned research was completed.


We met with the management team in a series of planning sessions to develop a yearly advertising schedule focused on six different topics. We reviewed the current materials in-depth to make sure that proper formats of files were available to make needed changes. We revamped the media buy to use cable TV rather than network TV and an alternative media company for online ads.



Through a detailed review of the materials, we were able to refine and simplify messaging to create a clear picture that targeted our key audiences for each campaign. Using existing materials, we developed a schedule for cable spots, digital banners, YouTube pre-roll ads, and Facebook ads. At the end of the year, we created a new theme for the City’s stormwater education program and developed a prototype for the campaign focused on fertilizer use in Lexington (click here to view more on this campaign). The new creative materials were fully implemented in their marketing strategies and continue to be used to reach their target audiences.