Ron Gilbert
Creative Services
[email protected]

Thoughtful. Expressive. Funny. An Apple devotee. Don’t try to put Ron in a box because he’ll break out every time. He manages to “get it” and get it done in an unfashionably expedient fashion. Yet, his penchant for perfection is evident in the details of the work he performs and directs, whether design, photography, interactive or film.

What drove your decision to get into this business?

I’ve always been an artist and I love bringing a sense of order out of chaos. Graphic design allows me to be artistic and utilitarian.

What are you most proud of?

I am most proud when I nail it quickly for a client. You can see it in their eyes when you’ve hit the mark.

Share a great client story.

I love the work we did for Pikeville Medical Center’s campaign to increase awareness of the economic impact of healthcare on the region. It was a comprehensive package—TV, print, radio, publicity, etc.—with a stylistic approach that made it stand out. It helped the community realize just how vital healthcare jobs are to the region.

What is your approach for ensuring exceptional client service?

My philosophy is that we must do everything necessary to live up to our promises. It’s easy going into a new account to serve a client well. But, after several years, are we still providing fresh ideas? Do we deliver on time and on budget? Are we still hearing what they have to say? I’ll go into the hole on a project rather than let my client down.

In your opinion, what makes great creative?

It has to be real from the inside out. Technology allows us to communicate from afar, but I still like to meet face-to-face periodically to maintain the relationships that make it possible for me to capture and embody the essence of my clients’ brand, not only from their perspective but from their customers’.

What would you like people to understand better about what you do?

It is an art and a science. Each project is unique in that I may start with pure art and then apply the science to make it work. Or I may start with the mechanics of a piece and then break the rules to make it come alive. But, it must have both elements at some level to work.

When you’re not working, what do you do for fun?

If I’m not driving them to, helping or observing my daughters with an academic and leisure activity, I’m probably watching Madman.