Rob Gardner
Creative Services
[email protected]

Detailed, definitely. Difficult, no. Rob is positive proof that producers can display all the creativity in the world without being a pain to be around. He brings the talent and experience to create award winning film and video (he is an award-winning producer, after all) and the ability to scale his approach down to meet the time or financial constraints. He calls it intelligent filmmaking. We call it genius.

What drove your decision to get into this business?

It’s all I ever wanted to do, really. As a kid, I would pay more attention to the shot angles, editing and overall film qualities than the plot. It drove my friends crazy.

What are you most proud of?

Breaking free from the limited view that one has to be from major production house to do great work. Been there. Boutique is definitely the way to go.

Share a great client story.

Microsoft has a huge name, but what most people don’t know they invest as much in their human capital as they do technology. Producing training programs for them has been a great opportunity.

What is your approach for ensuring exceptional client service?

A sense of humor and flexibility are two qualities I try to bring to every shoot, editing session and planning session. Often a person knows in general terms what they want to have as a result of our time and effort. My job is to properly interpret that to my medium and make it even better than they imagined it could be.

In your opinion, what makes a great film?

When the viewers forget they are watching a film or video and have more of a sense they are experiencing reality, I believe I’ve done my job. I want them to be totally sucked into the moment.

What would you like people to understand better about what you do?

Quality is proportionate to the investment, but only up to a point. Some production houses waste an enormous amount of clients’ funds on perks for themselves rather than production essentials. Your red flag should go up if a trip to a faraway coast for production is mandatory.

If you could only have one production person assist you, what type would it be?

My sound guy, without a doubt. Bad sound is the nemesis of a great production.

What latest development in film/video has you the most excited?

Editing technology has made production more interesting and efficient. That saves clients money while allowing them to tap my years of experience for projects with a more modest budget.

When you’re not working, what do you do for fun?

Not working? I don’t know what you mean.