Increase regional awareness of Bank of the Bluegrass’ core values and the services they offer as a long-standing community bank, beginning with communications regarding planned transitions within the bank’s top leadership.


Provide media relations services to build relationships between the bank and the media, leading to increased publicity. Interview executives and personnel at all three branches to reveal their roles, philosophies, customer service practices and stories. Outline newsworthy angles that would potentially gain media interest.  Craft feature articles and present opportunities to regional media. In addition, write blog posts, social media posts, and help strategize company events.


Executives received unprecedented media coverage before and during the transition, culminating in a cover story for the incoming president in the region’s business publication. In addition, the statewide business publication has now included Bank of the Bluegrass in it’s feature article on the state of banking. Blogs have provided more information to customers and others through the website and social media posts.