Zachary DeMoor
Creative Services Specialist

Zack is a Texas-born media specialist. He has been fond of the digital cinematic arts and audio production for as long as he can remember. Since joining Wiser Strategies in 2019, Zack has produced videos for multiple clients including commercials, testimonials, how-to, annual reports, animated illustrations, and as well as productions for Wiser Strategies such as creative profile pieces, event documentary videos and feature short films for tourism.

His photography services include portraiture, photojournalism, event documentation, and social media content production.

He holds four Google certifications for advertising, develops and enhances website for search engine optimization, and creates and manages social media posts.

Zachary has participated in a variety of media-related events and contests such as the Governor’s School for the Arts, Feature Film Category in the Student Technology Leadership Program, Lexington Film Slang, Asbury Impact You Film Series, Bluegrass Community and Technical College Film Submissions and many more.

Nothing excites Zachary more than the ability to put his media production skills to the test, such as obtaining his position as a Creative Services Specialist. He is most interested in audio/music production and works with artists around the United States to record, mix, and master songs that pertain to auditory media content. One of Zachary’s favorite pastimes is to write music with his band named “Slice of Pie” out of Lexington.

Growing up in Dallas, Texas, Zachary has always had a fond interest in cameras, the first of which he used being an old Sony camcorder. Ever since his use of that camcorder as a child, he developed a profound interest in the art of cinematography and has been eager to learn new tips and uses of a camera’s functionality. One of Zachary’s side interests is his experience in bartending, mixing, and crafting new and fun cocktails.

What do you most admire about other people?

I admire the relentless fortification people will go through to obtain their goal, confident in their abilities to succeed.

What is your approach for ensuring exceptional client service?

In my mind the best way to treat your client is the way that you would treat your friend, you want the best for them, and certainly know how to negotiate.

When you’re not working, what do you do for fun?

When I’m not working, I enjoy playing and producing music with my fellow band members of Slice of Pie, we’re a Lexington born multi-genre group of Musicians!

What latest development in film/video has you the most excited?

My biggest excitement for the Cinematic Universe would have to be that the technology for editing and creating Blockbusters is becoming more available and streamlined to aspiring filmmakers.