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Nicholas Brock
Digital & Creative Services

Nick is young, but oh, so driven. He injects passion and innovation into every project, along with a little humor. Hailing from Hyden, in Eastern Kentucky, Nick’s a small-town guy with big dreams. In fact, he lives by Diana Scharf Hunt ‘s philosophy, “Goals are nothing more than a dream with a deadline.” We’re just glad Wiser Strategies snagged him before the rest of the world found out about him.

What drove your decision to get into this business?

I was attracted by the opportunity this field gives me to interact with people, and the need to understand how people think. This business is more than writing a press release or creating an ad. We help people see the world and what is around them differently. We also can create an environment that will foster people’s interest in the world around them. We connect people to the world.

What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of my hard work and dedication to being the best person I can be. I am someone who sets a goal and does all I can to accomplish it. I like that, at the end of the day, I can cross something off of my to-do list or bucket list. It’s brilliant!

What is your approach for ensuring exceptional client service?

Know what clients want. Always be honest. Keep an open line of communication. We do the best job possible to keep clients at the maximum level of satisfaction. Each client has different needs, which are left up to us to identify, meet and surpass.

Who is your most admired storyteller and why?

One of my all time favorite storytellers is communication professor Marc Whitt. He has an anecdote for almost all situations in life. His tales are meant for you to learn from. He makes the story so interesting because he has such a great time telling it.

What one thing about your childhood most influences who you are as a professional?

My parents are extremely hard workers, who instilled me with the same value. My mother is a very caring and loving individual, so I get my ability to see the best in people and nurture a person or project. My dad is very level-headed and logical, which is where I get my thought processes. Their attributes play a huge role in my professional life.

When you’re not working, what do you do for fun?

I watch movies, discover new music and read. However, I am working all the time, so it’s hard to get time to do these things.