Luke Florence Wiser Strategies

Luke Florence
Client Services Specialist

Luke is the guy who can talk to a brick wall. After moving around from Birmingham, AL and Austin, TX, he found his real home in Lexington, KY. Lexington taught Luke all things from rock climbing in the Gorge to making a business plan. Luke found his love for business development and marketing at the University of Kentucky where all his professors had to say to him was, “Sell me this pen” for him to jump into this unique side of the business.

As an accounting intern for Gray Construction, Luke was selected amongst a prestigious group of young intellects in the surrounding universities. He was tasked with maintaining bank reconciliations for an 850-million-dollar company. Luke organized and balanced general ledgers including health care and auto insurance sheets. Within a company employing 700+ employees, Luke organized expense sheets and timesheets in a timely manner.

As a head roaster and wholesale coordinator, Luke expanded wholesale customer’s orders from a total of 250 Ib. per week to 400 Ib. per week. While acting as a head roaster, Luke grew the department’s education and training on coffee through weekly cuppings. He managed to purchase green coffee while running the roaster and maintaining relationships with wholesale customers.

As a Harris and Ward Production Intern, Luke performed server integrations using CSS and HTML coding. He ran SEO reports for DSO clients resulting in, on average, a ten-point increase in the overall scoring. Luke constructed and developed websites and newsletter copy with a professional tone and integrated design.

As a student at the University of Kentucky, Luke sought out SPIN Selling to train himself in all things selling. At the same time, Luke learned all things Tableau, JMP Pro 14, Microsoft Office, IBM SPSS, UCINET, Divi WordPress, and Adobe Suites with the help of his professors.

Luke joined Wiser Strategies in early 2020 where he facilitates business development initiatives and supports marketing and public relations services for clients.

What is your approach for ensuring exceptional client service?

The approach that I take when it comes to client services is that the client always comes first. From business-related conversations to a shoulder to cry on, my goal is to let the client know that I am always there.

What do you most admire about other people?

I admire the willingness of people to help others. No matter what, people are going to make mistakes, but we measure a person by how they react to that mistake not what they did to make it. What I have found is that when people ask for help, others consistently and relentlessly pursue ways to guide them in whatever way they can.

What latest development in business/economics has you the most excited?

The Giving Pledge is a commitment by some really rich people to give away more than half of their wealth. This was started by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet in 2010 when they pulled their money together to help women empowerment, medical research, disaster relief, and other areas. This most excites me because more and more billionaires are now adopting this practice. This leads to show that even those at the top still search to find ways in giving back.

When you’re not working, what do you do for fun?

When I am not working I love to rock climb, either in the Gorge, weather permitting, or at one of the climbing gyms here in Lexington.