“Rebranding a 30 year old company with a wide variety of services and products is no piece of cake, but Wiser Strategies truly exceeded expectations. They made this project come to life in a way that I did not even envision. Nancy and her team understood us, our industry, and how to rebrand Community Ventures in a way that was deeply authentic and smart. They really “got” Community Ventures and helped create a new expression of our brand that was accessible to our clients and partners. We have come to rely on them as a trusted partner. They go above and beyond, are an absolute pleasure to work with, and continue to over-deliver with each project. Thank you, Nancy and Wiser Strategies!”

Kevin Smith
President & CEO
Community Ventures


“Nancy, On behalf of the Bluegrass Tourism Marketing Association, I would like to thank you for speaking to our group! I received only positive feedback that it was a great kick-off to the new Year!”

Kelly Bates,
Program Chair
Bluegrass Tourism Marketing Association


“Wiser Strategies has been an extremely valuable resource for the Kentucky Chamber and our executive team. Nancy has helped us with a comprehensive branding strategy (leading to a whole new look for our organization!) as well as conducting market research for us, coaching us on public speaking and preparing us for media interviews. She always has practical, down-to-earth advice that makes the Kentucky Chamber a better voice for the thousands of businesses across Kentucky that we represent. I have personally and professionally benefited each time I’ve called on Wiser Strategies. ”

Dave Adkisson,
President & CEO
Kentucky Chamber of Commerce


“Nancy and her team at Wiser Strategies helped us see ourselves in new ways, improved how we tell our business story and raised awareness of our company. They introduced editors and reporters to DMD and we quickly received a coveted column in the state’s leading business paper and a feature article in another business publication. With their input and support DMD launched a completely redesigned, more functional and dynamic website that better supports our sales effort, as well as continuing to build our social media presence. If you’re in need of the services they offer, look no farther.”

Dave Sevigney
DMD Data Systems


“Wiser Strategies is one of the consulting businesses I turn to when I need reliable, creative support for my next big idea or my ongoing enterprise. Having brought Nancy Wiser onto my team for at least three of my ventures, I know I can count on her for solid strategic business planning, clear writing, and an understanding of what makes communication stand out.Nancy and her team execute the project much as I would if I had the time, collaborating with me at key intervals. Wiser Strategies lifts the weight of the world off my shoulders and enables me to run my business.”

G. Barton Mahan


“Wiser Strategies’ professionals have a deep understanding of the state’s consumers, media, businesses and economic and political environment. Their insight gave us an edge as we navigated new territory in a very competitive and quickly changing market.From their fresh approach to our initial print and broadcast ads, to the fun and eye-catching healthy tip billboards, Wiser Strategies established our emerging brand.Their beautifully produced videos captured emotional stories of how our Case Management team has changed the lives of our members for the better.I value the knowledge, expertise and professionalism that Nancy and her team brought to each and every project and would highly recommend them to handle a company’s strategic communication and marketing needs at all levels!”

Jean Rush, Senior Vice President, Healthplan Operations
Centene Corporation