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Jeffery Reno

Digital Media Specialist

Creativity is Jeff’s second nature, where his passions lie with videography, photography and graphic design. A student at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky, Jeff spends each day learning about these topics, with a major in film and a minor in audio.

Jeff takes pride in his expert computer skills, including his knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier and Lightroom as well as HTML and CSS programming. While he may be determined for his originality, he is also determined for our country. Jeff is a member of the 138th signal company for the Kentucky Army National Guard 1204th Aviation Support Battalion.

Jeff wants his clients to reach their highest potential, and he strives to do so through his work. He is enthusiastic about his clients’ passions, which drives his creativity even further.

What drove your decision to get into this business?

I have a passion for telling people’s stories. I love the process of getting behind the camera shooting, editing the footage and then presenting the final product (their story) with the world. Documentary film-making has created a desire in me to get involved in multiple avenues of business to tell their stories and ideas.

What do you admire most in other people?

The ability to open up and share their personal stories. The best way to learn about someone is to hear their successes and memories. I love being involved in work that allows me to share those in a creative way to the world.

What one thing about your childhood most influences who you are as a professional?

I have always been a storyteller. Videography allows me to capture people’s emotion and present them in a creative means. I still carry that passion for storytelling with me today.

When you’re not working, what do you do for fun?

School keeps me pretty busy, but when I have time and the weather allows I play lots of golf. It’s an added bonus that I get to play golf for Asbury University.