“Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail. Without it, nothing can succeed.
Abraham Lincoln”

This preview from the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce summarizes what’s expected to transpire in the next legislative session, where big issues will be the focus:

“When the General Assembly convenes in Frankfort January 8, 2013, there will be a number of new legislators, but many of the challenges remain the same. The odd-year session is often called the “short session” as it runs half the time of the even-year budget sessions. Lawmakers will meet only four days in January to elect members to leadership positions and organize the committee structure for the next two years. They will return in February for the remaining 26 days and must conclude the session by the end of March. Despite the limited timeframe, there are a number of important challenges facing lawmakers – none more daunting that reforming Kentucky’s severely underfunded public pension system.”

For more details, visit the KY Chamber

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