• By Nancy Wiser on March 14, 2019

    Hold the Presses: “My Employer” is the Most Trusted Institution Public discord creates new opportunities for corporate leaders to build trust President Harry S. Truman’s credo, “The buck stops here” could not have been an easy one to live
  • By Katie McDaniel on January 21, 2019

    “Crises just happen to other people.” and “We will deal with it, when it happens.” It is shocking the amount of times these phrases are uttered and how many business leaders try to convince themselves that they can operate under the radar so
  • By Mackenzie Davis on November 7, 2018

    The following is a transcription of Nancy Wiser’s interview with Allen Lytle. Thanks to WUKY for the interview and permission to post the transcription and link to the audio. Listen Here I’m Allen Lytle 91.3 WUKY News. It’s time for
  • By Nancy Wiser on October 29, 2018

    My heart was pounding and my mouth was dry. I could hardly believe the words I was uttering as I called my friend that first day to tell him I’d left the company I’d been working with for eight years. He was among the first to hear
  • By Mackenzie Davis on October 25, 2018

    It takes 90 seconds for someone to decide if they like a brand or not according to the Decision Management Study. That’s right, just a minute and a half for your consumer to judge your business, products and services. This means there’s a lot at
  • By Katie McDaniel on October 8, 2018

    Since starting at Wiser Strategies in January 2016, I have learned many lessons, earned new skills, and grown as a professional. However, the most rewarding aspect of my job has been growing and forming client relationships with existing and new